Our standard plan allows you to have your branding but under the sub-domain of Amspaces. If you want custom domain name as per your brand, we are flexible to host this application separately for you.

As your scale grows, we try to minimize the incremental costs for you. We are open to discuss the pricing if you are operating at an enterprise level (more than 5 locations)

We encourage our customers to try out our software so they are able to make a informed decision. We have set up few demo accounts with dummy data to enable this. However, in case you wish to try out the software with the actual data of your business, we request a one-time setup cost to as a reimbursement towards our effort for setup.

Hosting an application on Google Play Store and App Store attracts certain costs. If customer's are willing to undertake these costs, we are more than happy to host white-labelled application for them

We follow best practices to avoid any data compromise internally or externally and we have an impeccable record for the same. However, to cater to customer's concern, we provide flexibility for them to host applications on private cloud server accounts with some extra costs  

No there is no limit on the number of licenses as we do not want our customer's to be concerned about their billings every time a new user is registered on the application

We believe we have been able to grow as one of the best product in market because of the consistent feedback we get from our users. Hence, we try not to charge for any suggestions that would help us to grow further. However sometimes this could get overwhelmed and we might not be able to cater to very specific to their needs. We try to accommodate such requests with a customization cost

Depending on the scale of customers, it generally varies from a week (for a customer operating at up to 3 facilities) to a month (in case the scale is more than 10 properties).

Our team of experts consists of chartered accounts and finance experts. Every instrument be it Invoice, credit note or debit note are completely tax compliant

Over the period of time we have developed all the APIs needed for integration at Invoicing and Payment level. We assist our customers with integration with accounting software like Zoho Books, Quick Books, Tally, SAP etc.

We have integrated with some of the payment gateways prevalent in India like Razorpay, Instamojo. If needed we do integrations on the custom basis depending on the business needs of the customer.

We provide accessibility to all the data specific to customer and have provision to download this data in csv format on real-time basis

Yes our products are integrated with each other and as soon as a deal is converted, the deal data can be fetched in the Quick Invoice product to eliminate duplicate entries and efforts 

Our Inventory management module is integrated with CRM to reflect real-time occupancy status and future projection of the inventory occupancy.

Our CRM is focused for commercial real-estate industry. Therefore, the terminologies and workflow provided is very specific to CRE. Further it has advanced features like integration with inventory, property level tracking which enables better pipeline management for real estate brokers and owners

We understand sales teams have competition and it is critical to ensure data sanctity is not compromised. We enable sales team to deal, deal stage and pipeline mapping to ensure competition remains healthy 

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