Centralized platform to access real time data of your commercial portfolio
Tailor made asset management solutions for commercial real estate used by property owners, investors and brokers. Our products help you to track and manage your leases, collaborate and share updates with tenants, stay connected with brokers to manage your lease pipeline, and manage the asset more efficiently.
Visualize and track key performance drivers to maximize mall revenue
Managing a retail mall is a complex task. Leverage our analytical tools to optimize trading densities, tenant mix, foot falls and mall circulation. Our interactive floor maps plots real time data enabling you to drive mall performance.
Integrated platform allowing bookings with all logistics partners under one roof
Our logistics platform allows you to compare rates and book shipments from all your LSPs at one place. Scale your business with centralized bookings, pick up scheduling, tracking and auto-invoicing across all your branches
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Scalable Technology Core
Our cloud based platform is designed to handle large and complex data sets for asset management. The technology core is scalable to accomodate large user base while allowing for role based access management to ensure data sanctity.

Quick Customization Ability
We understand real estate and have in-built algorithms and functions designed for real estate asset management, which can be quickly customized to your specific needs.

Designed for Indian Markets
Indian real estate market is unique and follows its own terminology and practices. That's why our solutions are oriented towards solving asset management problems pertaining to Indian markets

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"Micro-manage your documents, Not your people!"

Gaurav Singhal, a week ago
There are only two types of business in today's digital world - tech business or tech-enabled businesses. However, Document Management is one area still lacking the necessary digital attention. While this may seem like a very trivial problem, if we think about it, Document Management is essentially Data Management.